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TV is KING Survivor 9 Vanuatu Article

Survivor Vanuatu

of the Weakest


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10-08-04 article by Mick Liebner,

Is it just me or is this season of Survivor more about Survival of the Weakest or what? I mean, it seems every week we see the stronger, younger and more attractive players being voted off the island.

Yes, it's easy to say the dudes in the Lopevi tribe are dummies, but if you really take a minute to think about it - it is more of a Mark Burnett Survivor Production team casting blunder if ya ask me. Read on.

Brady may put food on the table, but he threatens the flabby older guys in the Lopevi tribe.

Bye Bye Brady - you simply were too handsome and strong to stay.

Sorry Mr. Burnett and the others involved in casting this season's castaways, but I believe you have dumbed down the show to the point that it has become Survival of the weakest. The flabby and older and less athletic tribe members have no choice than to eliminate the pretty boys (or pretty girls in the case of the women's tribe - last week they voted off sexy young Dolly the sheep herder).

Now, don't get me wrong... I didn't say the show sucks or that it is unpleasant to watch. I am pointing out however that as far as seasons of Survivor goes, I predict as the show nears the end of the season we will be watching the least attractive tribe members vie for the role of sole Survivor. The athletic ones will be long gone.

This is because in the casting process we seem to have been given an OFF mix of age groups. OLD and YOUNG groups have taken away from the fun as we no longer have sub groups. It's black or white this season.

To make matters worse, where we all were rooting for someone obnoxious and lame as Rory to be knocked off, he is still there because he is in the "old group". Then take Chris who should have been axed because he flubbed a challenge... he was lucky to be in the "old group" and he himself pushed to vote off "the physically dominant" boys. Don't try to tell me Chris may not be sharp as a tack or a pretty boy but that he is more interesting to watch - he is not. Ugly doesn't translate into interesting (nor does pretty - it just makes it more pleasing to the eyes).

So, if Mr. Burnett hasn't yet figured this out I would suggest that in future Survivors consider the following to insure that this BLACK - WHITE - MEN vs WOMEN Simplistic Survivor doesn't drag down an otherwise highly spirited and unpredictable series.

It's the many shades of grey that makes life more challenging and interesting.

If they insist on men vs. women, then I'd suggest no ugly, chubby or old people period. Make sure they are ALL athletic. If you must include OLD or UGLY people keep it to just 1 or 2 please. Let's be honest - people enjoy the hot guys and girls in physically demanding challenges... look at Fear Factor... The contestants are attractive. Look at the Apprentice... there aint no misfits, just good looking healthy (and yes smart) people that are pleasant to look at.

If it is so important to include the chubby, less appealing, non-athletic types, maybe it is time for a "Special Survivor" completely seperate. Or maybe call it "Over the Hill Survivor".

Another option to prevent the "young" from threatening the "old" would be to drop the battle of the sexes angle.

Men versus Women is getting old. It may have been a novelty the first time Survivor did this, but now it is contributing to the BLACK and WHITE problem. There are more dynamics of interaction when the men and women are mixed together. At least we have the chances that "mini alliances" will occur and that a few good lookers will last till the end.

Also, from the perspective of the challenges, I believe that men vs women DUMB down the challenges... I mean what happened to challenges that challenged the body and not JUST the minds... if they do one more puzzle challenge I will puke!

I say they need to incorporate challenges that are truly challenging from a physical perspective. Those are the challenges that have made Survivor fun in the past for me. Not watching them argue over puzzles or brain teasers like "where did they hide the coconut". We may as well have them play a game of chess... If we wanted to watch Rubik Cube competitions we'd likely look to PBS, not Survivor.

Dolly was a cutie!

Couldn't we have kept at least 1 pretty girl on the island???

Sorry, but Eliza is not attractive to me (besides - she is the next to go...)

So, hope ya'll aint too mad at me for pointing out the weaknesses of this season (so far - it could still turn around)... it's just that I am still weeping over losing Dolly... weep... weep... Why do the purdy ones gots to be eliminated???

I'd say MERGE sooner than later to save this game! And please - give us some exciting challenges! That'll help weed out the weak!

After all, shouldn't the last remaining "sole survivor" be a true survivor capable of surviving even the most demanding of circumstances?

LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK - send email to tv @

Survivor FINAL FOUR update

Feedback on "Survival of the Weakest" article

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Prior to that they have only released a season one highlights DVD, but now we will get to see the full blown show in it's entirety! 5 friggin' DVD's in total.


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