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10-14-05 Blake Bites the Big One!

TV is King CBS Survivor 10 Palau Article

The Ulong tribe has spoken and Jeff the personal trainer gets the boot.

3-5-05 Article by Mike Liebner, TV is King

In a strange twist, Jeff, the buff dude personal trainer who twisted his ankle, wanted to be voted off, and actually lobbied them to get their votes... Seemed he wanted to go home and back to the gym... but his tribe mates resisted.

Strange twist I say, because last season it was the strong and buff that were the first on the Survivor Vanuatu chopping block.

CBS Survivor Palau

Bye bye Jeff

But this time around, Mark Burnett cast a much better crew of Survivors and they rightfully resisted dumping someone who had a great work ethic and was muscular and attractive (so the ladies say!).

In the end he got voted off the island, but only by 1 vote. Oddly enough the tie breaking vote was by Kimberly who had no clue she'd be a target, narrowly escaped being dumped herself, mainly because the other dudes were jealous they were NOT snuggling with her at night.

It'll be interesting to see if Kim can keep her cute little butt in the game despite the others not getting any love (or even respect) off her.

Also of note, this season's Survivor hasn't had any crossword puzzle or shell game challenges yet. They seem to be going for more physical challenges like they oughta be. Remember last season when they played hide the shell under the coconut almost every episode??? Hopefully that trend will continue and the games will be a little more like CHALLENGES and not mind twisters for the old folks.

So thank Mr. Burnett, you either have been listening to what we've been saying or last seaon in Vanuatu was a fluje. Either way we'll be happy if the pce you've set continues.

Say hi to Martha!

CBS TV's Survivor 10 is in beautiful Palau

On this page we will present our own original articles, episode recaps, commentaries and various information about the popular CBS reality TV show Survivor 10 Palau and it's contestants.

It's that time again! Get ready for an all new season of CBS TV's Survivor. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all others in Palau?

Articles from last season's Survivor Vanuatu

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Reality TV Books - Survivor Books

Survivor Vanuatu Preview Video Clips from the Early Show on CBS

Clip 1 - introduction of the new castaways

Preview of Survivor 9 on CBS the Early Show

3 min. 30 sec. Windows Media Video WMV Clip

Clip 2 featuring Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich
(Amber be lookin' pretty good - better hurry up and marry her Rob!)

Amber Birkich and Rob Mariano
make predictions about Survivor 9

2 min. 48 sec. Windows Media Video WMV Clip

Survivor 9 Picture Gallery (courtesy of Bikini Day & CBS The Early Show)

If you haven't been sleeping under a rock you likely already know that the Early Show is an essential must see show as it recaps each episode the day following the broadcast with evicted Survivor castaways.

Personally, I enjoy watching the Early Show almost as much as Survivor itself.

News Flash: Season One 5 friggin' DVD's is out!

Survivor the Complete First Season 5 Disk DVD was released on May 11th, 2004!

I've been searching far and wide to find DVD's of past seasons and have even contemplated contacting Mark Burnett to find out why they haven't been released - and voila - boom baby - Season One on DVD!

Prior to that they have only released a season one highlights DVD, but now we will get to see the full blown show in it's entirety! 5 friggin' DVD's in total.


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