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TV is King Article/Rant
Lost and Desperate Housewives

TV is King article by Mike Liebner

Ya know... I think I just figured out why I have come to rely on Reality TV Shows for entertainment when I need it... because they do NOT show repeats!

Reality TV Shows and a few well respected regular tv shows (Fox TV's 24) do not interrupt the flow of the season by interjecting stale old repeats.

Repeats are an insult on our intelligence.

Maybe during mid season a reality tv show like Amazing Race will do a "catch up" show but they're usually good shows because they show clips they hadn't shown before. It's not technically a repeat.

So what are we gonna do about it? Am I the only one that is perturbed that Lost got me all riled up with killing off Boone and then they go and follow for weeks with REPEATS.

That sucks. Maybe that is why ABC has been such a loser. They do the predictable cash in pocket tactics when they could be riding the acclaim and satisfying the new viewers they have earned with NEW fresh episodes.

But NO! They repeat us to death.

Further eveidence is the upcoming repeats for LOST and Desperate Housewives and the "catch up" show.

Well... enough of that. I just wish I would hear some other folks make a stink about it. I haven't ever heard dissent on this phenomenom.

C'mon people. Let's shout it out...

I'm angry as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!


Desperate Housewives

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