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24 starring Kiefer Sutherland

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24 is Must See Immediately TV

24 starring Kiefer Sutherland, FOX
article by Mike Liebner 2-12-05

In this day and age of Tivo and the ability to record shows and save them for marathon viewing sessions (back to back episodes can be pretty fun), it is rare that a network tv show demands to be viewed immediately. There are only a handful of tv shows that demand to be watched as soon as they air. 24 is one of them.

After 4 seasons of gripping suspense 24 is still delivering the goods. Agent Jack Bauer is still sharp as a tack, despite leaving CTU and working some other government position (where he conveniently falls in love with the Secretary of Defense’s daughter).

In the the wrong hands a “fourquel” or 4th subsequent season sequel could easily be ruined by cliches and familairity, but not 24! The show is as fresh as ever and continues to pull us viewers in with the most intense action and suspense currently showing on network television.

Also of note, Fox Network has opted to move the show from Tuesdays to Mondays, supposedly so it is able to run the show straight through every week without interruption. Now isn’t that refreshing??? No lame reruns to interrupt the flow of the show.

This season of 24 brings us an entirly new cast at CTU (oh yeah – Jack Bauer worked his way back in to CTU through the back door) and with the exception of Kiefer and that cute nerdy computer gal (what’s her name – is it Clooey?) that hasn’t shown her face in a few episodes (for siding with Jack and disobeying orders), the only familiar face was introduced in the previous to last episode and it was quite a re-introduction. Tony Almeda is back in “walking tall” fashion and he saves the day when it looks like Jack may be slaughtered by the enemy. Good call Jack – Tony killed the bad guys!

If there is one person I do miss from the cast and had become attached to it is Jack’s daughter Kim (sexy Elisha Cuthbert), whom never really got deep extensive roles in 24, however we were graced with her pretty face with a plot twist from time to time. She’s off becoming a movie star, but hey – the season isn’t over yet – maybe we’ll get another surprise?

While there are no standout babes this season, the show delivers on the strength of the writing alone. The storyline is as tight as ever and the multiple ineterweaving tragedies keep us glued to the screen. It is the only show that makes me shout things out loud (at least on a regular basis).

If you haven’t yet experienced 24 and you’re skeptical about network tv action drama shows, do yourself a favor and give 24 a shot. It’s the best show on TV and it is guaranteed to hook you and drag you in whether you want to or not. You can even start out with past seasons on DVD if you prefer not to enter mid-season.

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