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fuse + the apprentice = $$$

New! TV is King's
The Apprentice Site

A brand new season matches
street smarts vs. book smarts!

Who will become the Apprentice?

Survivor Palau

New! TV is King's
CBS Survivor 10 Palau Site

A brand new season starts Thursday, February 17, 2005

Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast
all others in Palau?

fox 24

TV is King 24
Fox TV Show Site

TV is King Article
2-12-05 : 24 is Must See Immediately TV

Original articles, episode recaps, commentaries and various information about the popular Fox TV show 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland

24 is perhaps the best action suspense thriller on tv.

In the the wrong hands a “fourquel” or 4th subsequent season sequel could easily be ruined by cliches and familairity, but not 24! The show is as fresh as ever and continues to pull us viewers in with the most intense action and suspense currently showing on network television.

Full Article : 24 is Must See Immediately TV

Survivor Vanuatu Site

TV is King - Survivor 9 Vanuatu Site

TV is King Article
12-10-04 : The Final Four

Original articles, episode recaps, commentaries and various information about the popular CBS reality TV show Survivor 9 Vanuatu

This season of Survivor Vanuatu, has definitely turned into "Survival of the Weakest". While I may be bitching and moaning more about what is happening on the show, the reality is that I am still watching and I am still hooting and hollering when things happen on the show.

For example last night when the votes were cast and it was Julie that got dumped instead of Twila, I yelled "nooooooo!". Not the pretty one!!! No!

Full Article : The Final Four

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